Figure - Cape Rock

Cape Rock

The purpose of this study was to design and evaluate various structural modifications to the existing dike fields intended to enhance the aquatic habitat diversity and flow dynamics within the reach. The first goal was to create island and side channel aquatic habitat within the dike field while maintaining current depths in the navigation channel. The second goal was to decrease depth adjacent to the Red Star boat ramp without effecting the depths, width, or safety of the navigation channel. Increased depth at the Red Star boat ramp would have allowed it to be used and lower stages. The increased availability of the boat ramp would increase public safety by allowing emergency access for the Cape Girardeau Fire Department and search and rescue teams.


Figure - Cape Rock
Edward J. Brauer, P.E., Adam Rockwell, Robert D. Davinroy, P.E., David C. Gordon, P.E., Mary M. Miles, P.E., and Edward H. Riiff