Figure - Lock & Dam 25

Lock & Dam 25

The purpose of this study was to develop remedial measures to improve navigation conditions upstream of Lock and Dam 25.

The goals of this study were to:

  • Investigate and provide analysis on the existing flow mechanics causing the dredging and navigation alignment problems.
  • Evaluate a variety of remedial measures in the HSR model with the objective of identifying the most positive, economical, and environmentally friendly plan to alleviate the need for repetitive channel maintenance dredging while improving channel alignment in the upstream approach to Lock and Dam 25. In order to determine the best alternative, three criteria should be used to evaluate each alternative.
    • The alternative has to sufficiently reduce or completely eliminate the
      large volume of sediment between RM 243.5-242.0 and improve the
      navigation channel alignment for approaching vessels.
    • The alternative should not negatively impact the outdraft at Lock 25.
    • The alternative should not negatively impact the outdraft at Lock 25.
  • Communicate to other engineers, lockmasters, river industry personnel, and environmental agency personnel the results of the HSR model tests and the plans for improvements.


Figure - Lock and Dam 25
Ashley N. Cox, Jasen L. Brown P.E., Shawn R, Kempshall, Dave Gordon, P.E., Eddie J. Brauer P.E. and Robert D. Davinroy P.E., Emily Rivera.