Figure - Thebes


The Stone Dike Alteration Program was initiated by the St. Louis District to improve environmental habitat in reaches of the Middle Mississippi River with flow patterns that have been established by stone dikes. Reaches of the Mississippi River and priorities of those reaches were agreed upon by the St. Louis District Corps of Engineers, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Agency, Missouri Department of Conservation and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The primary goal of this study was to investigate alterations, additions or subtractions to the existing dike configurations in the Thebes reach that will provide increased environmental diversification while not negatively impacting the navigation channel.


Figure - Thebes
Mary M. Miles, P.E., Bradley J. Krischel, E.I.T., Adam Rockwell, Robert D. Davinroy, P.E., David C. Gordon, P.E., and Edward H. Riiff