Figure - Wilkinson Island

Wilkinson Island

This HSR study was part of the Wilkinson Island Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project feasibility study and the UMRS-EMP. The primary objective of the project was to improve the quality and diversity of the existing habitat on the site. An engineered side channel on the project site will help meet the objectives of the project. The purpose of this 10 study was to test and analyze potential side channel alignments to be excavated on the Wilkinson Island Division of the Middle Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge. The design included but was not limited to the upstream and downstream connections to the main channel and the elevation and design of potential closure structures and grade control structures within the side channel. A successful side channel alternative must create a diverse bathymetry closely mirroring natural fluvial processes without negatively affecting the existing depths in the navigation channel. Additionally, the side channel alternative should be of a sustainable design, limiting future operational requirements.


Figure - Wilkinson Island
Edward J. Brauer, P.E., Michael T. Rodgers, P.E., Robert D. Davinroy, P.E., Jason Floyd, Emily Rivera